Reduce Energy Cost

Save Energy cost by using our dual technological solutions; “LED Lighting” and “Solar Power System”

♦ Lower Electricity bill
♦ Make your business profitable with increased savings for years to come
♦ Secure yourself against future Electricity tariff hike for 25 years for Solar solutions
♦ Shorter Payback period on your investment
♦ Reduction in Maintenance Cost
♦ Shorter implementation cycle

Environmentally friendly

LED products help reduce electricity usage while solar power is clean and renewable, together they help you reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment.

♦ Traditional electricity is sourced from the fossil fuels such as coal & natural gas. When fossil fuels are burned to generate power, toxic gases are emitted, which causes pollution and global warming
♦ Solar systems are Environmental friendly.
♦ Fossil fuels resources are depleting very fast, and hence renewable energy is the only sustainable solution.

Robust Solutions

We offer durable products with long lasting life and hassle-free operation.

We can offer you best of the available technology in the industry, whatever products or services you choose, you’ll save money on your monthly utility bill.

Our robust solutions help address each and every possible organizations, whatever the size – from the very simple to the most complex. Not only our solutions are economical with shorter payback periods, but their durability ensures that you gain the economic benefits for longer periods.

Customized Support

We are committed to provide technical support to help you with product selection and project implementation.

Vora Enterprises provides customized solutions as per your unique requirement. Our in-house team supports and coordinates in every part of your project, including custom system engineering, finance, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring.

From the simple to the complex, “Vora Enterprises” has a proven track record of successful energy savings projects customized for our clients. Since the company’s inception, we have been working with customers to supply products tailored for their exact requirements.

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